Globe - catering management services


Globe CMS is known for healthy delicious food, and diversity. Our cooking team is flexible and creative. We continuously introduce new items to the menu, while continuing to serve the most popular choices frequently.

Globe CMS menu planning is according to pre-established recipes standards as per contracted scope of services and pre-ordered volume. This volume varies from site to site, having in consideration each site’s volume variances. These stages are reassured by our Catering Manager and also by our on-site key personnel’s constant approach to assessing quality standards and client satisfaction.

In addition to normal services;

   •   Globe CMS will prepare log books for each site one week in advance and submit them to client and site manager for their approval.
   •   The logbooks shall be prepared in accordance with the food program and nutritionist recommendations.
   •   Please refer to attached sample menus for a 28 day rotation.